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Education made easy!

This Website is a guide to what we do at Virtual Classroom. Nothing can replace contact and we can do that in new and exciting ways.

Contact us if you wish to avail of our services or are interested in providing classes using our technologies.


At Virtual Classroom we believe that everyone is entitled to the education that they want. The reason that many people cannot access the education they want is lack of access. Virtual Classroom offers one solution to this problem. It can provide a classroom for one person or many people. We can provide a teacher or you can. Pupils can be of any age, of any race, in any place throughout the world.

The Classroom has a teacher present in all but the physical aspects.

What is Virtual?

Virtual in the case of Virtual Classroom means that the teacher is not physically present in the classroom. The teacher is present on a screen. The advanced technology that we use comprises hardware and software that securely give the teacher control of the classroom. The teacher can see and hear all the pupils and can decide what the pupils can see and hear at all times.

What is the Classroom?

The classroom can be a traditional classroom and we are very successfully using such a model in both the United States and in Finland. However you are not confined to such a model. The classroom may comprise several rooms -some with many people present- scattered throughout the world. The teacher has simultaneous access to all rooms as they also have to the teacher.


Accessibility is about making our website available and understandable to everyone, including users with disabilities. W3 explains it in a great way at the Web Accessibility Initiative.

We are always open to suggestions as to how we can make any type of class more accessible.

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